The Wörthersee Lake

Wörthersee in CarinthiaThe Wörthersee Lake is 20 km² large and the largest in Carinthia. Since the XIX th century, it is a privileged vacation place. The beauty of its surroundings attracted many directors who shot several films in the area. The diversity of its fauna and flora raised the Wörthersee Lake at a special place in the heart of nature lovers and researchers. Moreover, many cultural events, festivals and sports tournaments attract young visitors.

About the Wörthersee Lake

The Wörthersee Lake spreads along 16.5 km from the Velden Bay to Klagenfur am Wörthersee on the East-West axis. It stretches to a maximum width of 1.7 km, the average depth being 42m and its deepest 85.2m. Many rivers flows into the Wörthersee Lake. The lake is drained into the Drau through the Glan in the East, although its waters are not completely mixed, compared to other lakes which surface waters are particularly warm.

cruising ships on Wörthersee The name of the lake finds its origins in the word « Werder » which means « island » in German. This name was chosen in reference of the four islands: the Island of the Snake, the Islet of the Capuchins, the Island of Maria Wörth and the Island of Maria Loretto. "Werdersee” was in fact used in the XIX th century before being replaced by its current name, the Wörthersee. Of the four original islands, only the the Island of the Snake –which has recently been rebaptized the Island of the Flowers out of consideration for the swimmers- and the Islet of the Capuchins remain islands. The Island of Maria Wörth and the Island of Maria Loretto developed into peninsulas following the drawdown of the waters level in the XVIII th century.

Since 1853, cruise ships sail the Wörthersee Lake, very appreciated during vacation time. Other attractions also take place in summertime such as cultural events on the open air stage of Klagenfurt, the semi-marathon of "Kärnten läuft" in Velden à Klagenfurt, the Beach volleyball-Grand-Slam tournament in Klagenfurt, the tennis tournament ATP, the "Starnacht am Wörthersee" concert in the Werzer Arena of Pörtschach, the GTI encounter in Reifnitz and many other punctual or regular manifestations thrown on the Wörthersee Lake banks.

Pictures of the Wörthersee Lake

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The Wörthersee Lake panorama
Wörthersee in Carinthia

Other pictures of Wörthersee
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Excursions by bus from or to the Wörthersee Lake

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