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Klagenfurt city: the LindwurmKlagenfurt is located on the left bank of the Wörthersee Lake around 450m above sea-level. The city, which spreads along 120 km², is the capital of the Land of Carinthia as well as the largest city in Carinthia with 100 000 inhabitants. Klagenfurt contains an international airport, a University, a big football stadium, the Land’s government head office, the administrative district of Klagenfurt-Land and the Diocese of Gurk. Many prestigious buildings are situated in the old town of Klagenfurt along with the national emblem, the "Dragon”.

About Klagenfurt

The first traces of life in the region of Klagenfurt were discovered go back to 4000 and 2000 BC. Herzog Hermann, considered to be the founder of the city of Klagenfurt as we know it, initiated its construction in the XII th century with the Klagenfurt market in the flooded areas of the Glan. Between 1192 and 1199, Klagenfurt obtains a toll right, as cited for the first time in a document preserved at the Saint-Paul abbey, "in foro Chlagenuurt". The rising of Klagenfurt to the rank of capital of Carinthia begun when, in 1518, the Emperor Maximilian I ceded nominal land parts to the Estates, the nobility of the Duchy. After the city suffered fires, invasions and so on, they rebuilt the fortifications and brought about an economic renaissance and the political and cultural ascendancy of Klagenfurt. Many buildings that were erected at the time are still visited nowadays.

Klagenfurt cityAmongst the many must-sees, there is the Cathedral of Klagenfurt, the Basilica of Saint Egid, the Heiligengeistkirche, the Viktring abbey, the Parish church of Saint Lorenzen, the Landhaus Palace, the old City Hall, the new City Hall, the archives of the Land of Carinthia and the national Jubilee theater. Numerous statues, fountains and sculptures deserve to be seen: the Dragon Fountain (der Lindwurmbrunnen) facing the statue of Maria Theresa of Austria, the "Wörtherseemandl" (the small man of Wörthersee), the "Steinerner Fischer" (the stone fisher) and the sculptures at the Europapark. Museums as the "Rudolfinum", the Musuem of the Land of Carinthia, the local gallery of Klagenfurt, the Museum of Modern Art of Carinthia, the Mine Museum, Robert Musil’s home, the composer Gustav Mahler’s cabin and many exhibitions and collections are to be visited. The Botanical Garden at the feet of the Krezbergl pass, the Europapark of 22 hectars and the more should be a part of your itinerary too.

Since 2008, Klagenfurt is named "Klagenfurt am Wörthersee" after decision of the local council confirmed by the Gorvenment of the Land of Carinthia. In 2008, the Wörthersee Lake Stadium opened its doors to three games of the European football cup and is currently the official stadium of the Carinthia football team. Outside football, hockey, basketball and rowing are the main high-level practiced sports in Klagenfurt. Numerous sports events, but also cultural events and festivals are held on floating stages on the Wörthersee Lake, at the local theater of Klagenfurt and other places in the city.

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