The Obir Grottoes

Obir Grottoes
Photo (C) Obir Dripstone Caves
The Obir Grottoes belong to the town Eisenkappel-Vellach not far from the Austrian and Slovenian borders. Because of the water infiltrations at the surfaces of the grottoes in the Obir cave system, stalactites and stalagmites formed, displaying a truthfully incredible and mysterious scenery to their countless visitors.

About the Obir Grottoes

The Mount Obir, going up to 2142m, is part of the Massif of Wetterstein exploited in account of the Mine Industry during the XI th century. At the end of the XIX th century, workers discovered the grottoes. Legend says that a miner, after breaking a concretion, was changed into a concretion itself as a punishment. Between April and October, a miner accompanies you on a great interactive multimedia show through the grottoes and their concretions, small lakes and many other geologic wonders.

Obir cave system in Carinthia
Photo (C) Obir cave system
Temperature in the grottoes rises up to 8 degrees celsius all year long, the ratio of humidity is about 80 to 90%, the air sterile and dustless, and the ventilation system natural. The Obir Grottoes are also used for stocking food like ham and beer because of their particularly healthy air environment that helps in the maturation process. The Obir Grottoes are accessible only to the Grottoes buses which regularly complete transfers between the central place of Eisenkappel to the entry of the grottoes, driving through craggy and winded roads. The Obir Grottoes can only be visited on a tour.

Pictures of the grottoes

Carinthia Bus and City Tours do not own proper pictures of the Obir cave system. You can have access to other pictures of tourist wonders, Carinthia and Austria to this website: Photographic archives of AHRE Austria Guide or writing at

Excursions by bus to the Obir Grottoes

If you want to add a visit of the grottoes to your tourist guided tours across Carinthia or rent a bus for transfers to the station in Eisenkappel or to the Obir Grottoes, the bus rental company Carinthia Bus’ team will gladly deal with your request and give you advices! For more information on the renting of buses, please contact us via email: or call +43 6991 952 49 34!

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